Sounds We Return Are New Again

Sounds We Return Are New Again was presented as an evening-length interactive sound installation as part of the House Life Project’s PEOPLE+PROPERTY series on October 17, 2017. This involved a large music box loop whose structure or tone is naturally altered by time and performative gesture in some way.

Throughout the evening event, these sounds built a continually shifting sonic landscape. The music box paper begins blank and its content is 100% community-driven, with new notes being manually added through a whole punch in the music box’s paper loop during the event.

Photos courtesy of Jenn Kriscunas.

Water Mining

Water Mining is a collaboration with musician Michael Drews and visual artist Brian McCutcheon. The work involves an interactive sculpture built to collect and amplify underwater sounds. Additionally, a live multimedia performance response to the sculpture broadcasts using amplified water and electronic sounds as its source.

The project was originally commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art as part of the Autumn Equinox celebration event in 2014. It has also been presented as part of the 2016 Indianapolis Light Festival IN Light IN

A Room With No Window

A Room With No Window is a multimedia installation and performance combining interactive lighting and video projection reacting in real time to live music. The work features a 12’x6’x8′ light box wherein the action of the musical performance and interactive multimedia occur. From the audience’s perspective, this display will be a harmony of choreographed human shadow, bursts of color and shape, and layers of sonic texture.

This piece was originally presented during Art In Odd Places Indianapolis 2014 with support from Classical Music Indy and Indianapolis Fabrications.

Unified Fields

Unified Fields is an interactive multimedia installation. The work’s premiere exhibition involved students and faculty from the Department of Music and Arts Technology at IUPUI in Indianapolis, IN. The installation took place over one evening and was hosted by the Indianapolis-based art collective, Big Car. Unified Fields was a highlighted exhibit during an Indianapolis First Friday gallery opening.
Unified Fields Theory, or The Theory of Everything, was first proposed as an elemental field of existence. At this base level, all things become equal. The work displayed was a collaborative project combining the music and art of Michael Drews and Jordan Munson. Themes and gestures from both artists’ works interact with sonic and video material emanating from several interactive stations positioned in the room. The idea is to illustrate this common thread through the cohesion of aural and visual stimulus.
Included in the premiere event was a series of live performance by Mana2, a computer duo comprised of Munson and Drews. Students from the IUPUI laptop ensemble CEnsR (Computer Ensemble for Research) assisted in the installation. Student assistance included Nick Hartgrove, Robert Lyon, and Tyler Jackson.

Photos by Robert Lyon