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Jordan Munson
Multimedia Artist


Jordan Munson is an artist whose work explores memory, ephemera, and our relationship to technology.
“Munson is a fantastic collaborator as comfortable working visually as he is sonically.” – Nico Muhly
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Until My Last – Live @ The Kitchen

explores memories of early love and the helplessness of drowning.

What is Lost is You

explores the notion of being as more than a collection of cells.

Those That I Fight I Do Not Hate

is a solo composition for bodhran and electronics, originally with live video.

How Long is the Coast of France?

is a work about architecture, both in nature and man-made.

Unified Fields

is an interactive multimedia installation.

Circle of Wills

focuses on memory. It is an attempt to illustrate this phenomenon by pushing a singular aural and visual event to its limit. The result is a wholly new experience.

Where’s Becky?

is all about dancing, discovery, and fur shawls.


A Big Celebration of Small Works.

Party Goers

is a series of digital images selected from the installation Unified Fields.






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Flying to China to take care of the pandas @TCMIndy . #auggie @ The Children's Museum of…

His “trying new foods” face. #auggie @TCMIndy @ The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Some days you just miss Iceland. @ Reykjavík, Iceland

I dress like the Broadway version of a sailor-on-leave more than I care to admit.

Five years ago tonight #Auksalaq #telematic #climatechange #opera premiered in New York. This documentary by Lu Magnus tells the story of the performance at that site.

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